Jewelry Care & Guarantee

Our service doesn’t stop
when you leave The Diamond Source.

All precious stones have meaning to their owners. For this reason, we extend a lifetime service guarantee to all of our customers. We are invested in every stone we sell and every piece of jewelry we design, so we are the ones most familiar with your needs. Let us take care of your every request. For life.

Quality Service

Our expertise is unmatched, and we will walk you through every step of your service request.

Premium Diamonds

We only sell the “best of the best” so our customers are getting the most value.

Personal Touch

We bring your vision to life and know every detail behind our custom designs.


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Experiencing our service in person brings peace of mind and reassurance that, whatever happens, The Diamond Source will always take care of you. Call us today for a personal consultation at 619-299-6900 or email us below.