Custom Design

Custom Design Process

There is eternal beauty and uniqueness in something born from one’s imagination. At The Diamond Source, we specialize in making reality from whatever you imagine. Our custom design process allows you to see how it happens every step of the way, whether you envision a design with newly purchased stones or want to stones from an older piece of jewelry.

“Fanny was absolutely fantastic. I had some ideas of what I wanted and showed her photos. She was extremely patient and worked with me to find just the right setting and then got the diamond to show me exactly how the ring would look. ”

– Melanie, Carlsbad

Our Process


Our customization process always begins with the diamond. We will have a conversation about the shape, size, and budget you’re working with, and we are always honest about our stones.

The Four C’s

We will discuss the “four C’s” of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. This is part of our process to educate customers, so they know as much information as possible when making a decision.

Design Discussion

Many of our customers bring us hand drawings of their ideas. We love to see this, and we will work with you to create whatever you can imagine. If you’d prefer to look at our existing settings, we’ll be happy to show them to you. We’ll also discuss how your diamond would look when it’s cast in white gold, yellow gold, or another metal.

 Building your own ring, necklace, or other piece is a process that you’ll want to understand in person. The Diamond Source experts can carry out every special instruction, so you can be confident that your piece will look precisely the way you envisioned.

During the design discussion, we’ll create computer-drawn three-dimensional renderings of your design or cast a wax model by hand. Once you approve, we’ll begin creating your keepsake.


When casting is complete, the setting will be performed at The Diamond Source, and you will always know exactly how long it will be until your piece is ready.

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Experiencing our service in person brings peace of mind and reassurance that, whatever happens, The Diamond Source will always take care of you. Call us today for a personal consultation at 619-299-6900.