Colored Diamonds

Bathed in mystique. Unrivaled by any other stone.

Beloved for their beauty and treasured for their rarity, naturally colored diamonds are among the most coveted gemstones in the world.

Natural fancy color diamonds occur when different trace elements are present in the diamonds. For example, nitrogen is responsible for the yellow color in diamonds. There are instances when during the formation of the diamond over a span of time exposure to radiation can lead to color — a green diamond being the most common in this area.

What else determines a diamond’s coloration, and what factors affect its value? The Diamond Source can answer these questions and more as you explore our collection of naturally colored stones.

A color that captures the story of your love.

Naturally colored diamonds cover the spectrum – blue, pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, red, even black and brown. Some are rarer than others, and thus more valuable.

The shades will vary in their intensity levels and usually the more intense and saturated the color, the more rare and valuable the diamonds becomes.

Natural color diamonds come from different parts of the world. For instance, yellow and orange diamonds are primary found in Africa while pink diamonds are primarily found in Australia. While colored diamonds have become more popular in recent years, they have been treasured for centuries.

The colored diamond most people think of is the bluish Hope Diamond, which weighs 45.52 carats. While most of us can only dream of owning such a diamond there are definitely other beautiful and far more affordable natural color diamonds.

When you buy a naturally colored diamond you are buying an eternal keepsake, one that will be passed on and talked about for generations.

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