Our Story

Marco began his lifelong passion for diamonds at the young age of 14 in Israel, quickly becoming an expert in cutting and repairing stones, a distinctive specialty within the highly specialized world of fashioning rough stones into stunning finished diamonds. As his reputation grew, Marco came to New York to expand his knowledge of  diamond cutting from some of the world’s best. Eventually he moved to San Diego and opened The Diamond Source.

Marco and his staff are passionate about diamonds, insisting on selling only the best stones and educating the public on the brilliant beauty of the ideal cut diamond. In a world where you can buy a diamond at almost any store, Marco has built his reputation and his business on being a reliable source for quality diamonds and gemstones.

“People have to rely on something,” he says. Marco would love to show you the difference between a well cut diamond and a stone that has a grading certificate but not the right proportions.

Marco’s original site in historic Old Town San Diego caters to people searching for the perfect engagement ring. His second store opened in on prestigious Girard Avenue in La Jolla, CA in 2007, and features some of his museum quality treasures.

Every stone and every piece of jewelry is special to Marco, with some of his most extraordinary pieces having no price tag because to Marco they are irreplaceable and not to be parted with. He is willing to wait for just the right person to match with each precious stone.

Come in today to meet Marco and see the fire in the stones at The Diamond Source.

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